Door Ⅱ

Lizzy Yoo1987

Korean Art Museum Association

Korean Art Museum Association

In this work, the image of a door expresses the idea that life is like a journey and the door represents the changes that we encounter in our surroundings. The door divides inside from outside, which symbolizes a division between the inner and outer world of life.

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  • Title: Door Ⅱ
  • Creator: Yoo, Lizzy
  • Date Created: 1987
  • Physical Dimensions: w295 x h445 x d360 cm
  • Type: Metal Arts
  • Medium: Silver(92.5), gold(24K), nickel silver, brass, pebble, granite
  • Critic's Note: (the preface omitted) Yoo is indelibly Korean. While assimilated to some Western customs, she’s pretty traditional in her views of cosmos, society and personal relationships. Perhaps she reasoned that her personal understanding of the world could generate an authentically Korean expression. Some of my favorite works by Yoo emerged from personal expression: "Evening Stroll," 1986; "Looking at a Hill," 1987; "Wind Journey," 1990. (omitted) In this and other sculptures like it, I think Yoo has produced truly Korean art. Yoo’s essentially Korean way of seeing the world lies at the very heart of these works. Starting with "Incense Burner" from 1978-79, Yoo investigated a third path. She was drawn to ceremonial objects involved in funerals and other memorial observances of death.(omitted) In time, her interest in ritual objects led to the ensemble she made for her father’s funeral, which I think is a very important artwork. (omitted) Here is the legacy of functionalism, but with a distinctly Korean flavor. Here is a meditation on Modernist style, and how far it should (and should not) extend into the non-Western world. Here is spirituality given form and substance.
  • Collection: Private collection
  • Artist's Education: 1976 Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. M.F.A.1968 Seoul National University. Korea. B.F.A., Applied Art & M.F.A.


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