Door-knocker from Consuegra (Toledo, Spain)


Cau Ferrat Museum

Cau Ferrat Museum

"Santiago Rusiñol (Barcelona, 1861-Aranjuez, 1931) discovered and purchased this pair of door-knockers while walking across Consuegra ruins looking at the devastation caused by the torrential rains over this place the whole night long on the 11th September 1891. Rusiñol himself said that two gothic door-knockers were an irresistible temptation even for Saint Anthony as he was fan of antiques. In addition to the aesthetic value and to the antiquity of the door-knockers, Rusiñol was impressed by the importance they had during the torrential rain night, as they helped three men save their life as holding on to them.

Rusiñol went to Consuegra with his friend and editor of La Vanguardia, Modesto Sánchez Ortiz, in order to leave evidence of the situation and bring first aid. He explained this experience in an article titled: “Consuegra ruins or the history of two large knockers” published some days later in La Vanguardia, and in the talk “My old irons “."

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  • Title: Door-knocker from Consuegra (Toledo, Spain)
  • Creator: Anonymous
  • Date Created: 1500/1699
  • Physical Dimensions: 36 x 22.5 x 18.8 cm
  • Type: Ironwork
  • Medium: Wrought iron