Doors by Architects

Cho, Byong Soo2014-10-08

Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation

Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation

<artist statement>

For me, making a door should be part of and at the same time all of creating architecture. I believe that the paradise of architecture lies in practicing and doing small things, that is, the reality surrounding us, rather than utopia faraway, and the process itself of practicing that reality. I thought making a door should be no different than what I believe about architecture.
The door at this exhibition is not a special door for a specific space but one to be used comfortably in ordinary homes. This door is of common materials and can be easily made. In designing this door, I focused on how to use recycled goods. My intention is to show a door built of a simple structure made of plywood or corrugated steel. Years later, when the door is no longer used, it can be easily dissembled and recycled.

How to make a door
1. Get recycled materials
2. Select recycled materials and mark what piece is used and how
3. Determine the order of work and draw a chart
4. Test if parts are cut properly and can be assembled as intended, and make a sample of a small part
5. Sort out things to throw away and things to keep, and finish the work

Things you have to consider before making a door
1. Think of making a door with recycled goods and making it recyclable
2. Think of revealing as it is rather than hiding ugly parts to make it visually appealing
3. Remember that an over-designed thing can be as bad as a thing that is not adequately thought out

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  • Title: Doors by Architects
  • Creator: Cho, Byong Soo
  • Date Created: 2014-10-08