Sung Heng2008

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

In the journey of life, we are constantly interacting with different things, such as people, events, and objects. In the life journey of a city, it also is constantly interacting with the different things that are situated inside or outside of it. Interaction then becomes a parallel meaning towards the existence or the non-existence of the world. Combining computer visual technology with simple physics of rolling balls to decrease friction, a experimental platform is formed with a new interactive visual presentation. Doubles is an interactive installation, and it is also an expectation for the future.

Inside the game-like platform, goals, points, obstacles and even competitions are unnecessary. The quest is based purely on speed, distance or adjustments in movements, and the purpose is to regress interaction back to its original form. Within this back and forth journey, images and audios appear to be like the relentless pushing hands in Tai-Chi. The underlying progressive low tones stay attached to where the light slowly moves. The flash that sparks from the interactive clash unreservedly let the high pitches explode. When it recedes, silence than comes in again. It stays quiet and still until the next explosive lighting moment.

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  • Title: Doubles
  • Creator: Sung Heng
  • Date: 2008
  • Medium: Interaction Installation
  • Location: Eslite Dun-Nan B2 Art Space