Unknownca. 1580 - ca. 1620

Museo del Traje, Madrid

Museo del Traje, Madrid

Silk doublet with gray floating warp threads that form decorative zig-zags and spirals. Short to the waist, where it has an opening of 23 cm, it has a neckband collar and is sleeveless. It is made from four pieces of fabric: two at the front and two at the back. The front pieces are noticeably pointed and fasten at the front with 25 buttonholes that match wooden buttons covered in piping to form a taffeta weave fabric.

The back, with its central seam, ends half way down, where it is fitted to the torso with nine eyelets on each side of the back pieces. The opening is 32 cm. The neckband collar is finished with small, rectangular pieces that cover the entire rim. The bottom hem of the doublet is covered in trapezoidal cloth. A brown cotton braid piping runs the length of the edging and seams of the collar. The garment is lined with linen. The collar, inner front panels, and front edging are lined with silk in the same color as the piping.

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  • Title: Doublet
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: ca. 1580 - ca. 1620
  • Location Created: Andalucía, Spain
  • Physical Dimensions: Botón: Diámetro = 1 cm Cintura: Longitud = 72 cm Cuello: Anchura = 7 cm Delantero: Longitud = 59 cm Espalda: Longitud = 50 cm Galón: Anchura = 0,30 cm Haldeta: Longitud = 8 cm; Anchura = 8 cm Lechuguilla: Longitud = 2,30 cm Ojal: Anchura = 2 cm Ojete: Diámetro máximo = 1 cm Pecho: Anchura = 84 cm Punto delantero: Longitud = 17 cm Rapport: Altura = 2 cm; Anchura = 2,50 cm Trencilla: Anchura = 0,30 cm Vivo: Anchura = 0,50 cm
  • Provenance: Donated by Eusebio Güell i Lopéz in 1934
  • Type: Doublet
  • Photographer: Lucía Ybarra Zubiaga
  • Rights: Museo del Traje CIPE
  • Medium: Silk, linen