Ducale Palace


Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

Photo by Giuseppe Gradella What I slowly tried to “steal” is the dimension of the human trace inside places that outlive man, places that change when visited by men with a new vision of the world. I wanted to represent, the best I could, the precarious nature of some types of beauty, shifting my gaze from the highest points to the darkest corners, trying to capture the presence of those who are “absent”, who can be felt in the graffiti of bored soldiers and in the waxed sheets that look like rocks next to stern faces. It was not a way to put more noble arts at a distance, what I was trying to do was to capture the earthly and sublime weakness of art, and I like to think that what my work conveys is more similar to the memory of a dream, than to a document of what I actually saw. Giuseppe Gradella was born in Mantua in 1973, today he lives in Curtatone (MN). He graduated in architectural planning in Ferrara, becoming passionate about contemporary art and photography during his university years, although he started photographing only in 2008. He has published various works on the site PhotoVogue Italia, and collaborates with architecture and design studios, also exhibiting in solo and collective shows.

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  • Title: Ducale Palace
  • Creator: Sconosciuti
  • Date Created: 1328