Ecu coin of Louis XVI (France)

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COIN. Silver. Ecu of Louis XVI. Obv., head of the King,“ Louis XVI. roi des François," and the date 1792 under a lion. Rev., a winged figure inscribing “Constitution” on a tablet, with a fasces and a harp on one side, and a cock with the letter A on the other. Legend, “ Règne de la loi”; in the exergue “ L'an 4 de la liberté.” On the edge “ La nation, la loi, et le roi.” Signed “ Dupré.” French. Diam. 1.5 inch. Given by the late Thomas Tapping, Esq. V&A no. 221-1886.

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  • Title: Ecu coin of Louis XVI (France)
  • Date Created: 1792
  • Type: coin

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