Endless Thinking

Seung Hee Kim1987

Korean Art Museum Association

Korean Art Museum Association

The artist’s free quest for expression and future-oriented dream is represented as the flat metal dishes are intended to be rearranged freely.

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  • Title: Endless Thinking
  • Creator: Kim, Seung Hee
  • Date Created: 1987
  • Physical Dimensions: w600 x h1000 cm
  • Type: Metal Arts
  • Medium: Copper, brass, nickel silver
  • Critic's Note: The Interior of Mindscape Kim, Seung Hee has been known as which is her frequent subject matter. ‘Dish’, ‘Interior’, and ‘Scene’ are not very related subjects. However, in her works, they are harmonized as a unified world and that’s one aspect of her artistic talents. Her artistic talent and compositional excellence are empowered by a unique method to handle metals. Here is a quote from Kim’s note: “I often used materials such as gold, silver, red copper, brass, and wrought iron. Sometimes I polished the surface of the metal or matched it with the rusty colors, dark violet, pastel blue, and scarlet which is natural and soft. I tried to express new sculptural aesthetic by showing the metal’s own characteristic.” It teaches us its own characteristic and has already overcome the limitation of crafts and each work maximized the trait of the sculptural object. For example, through the color formation of rusty copper, the work seems to contain the depth of the time. Kim is delivering her idea using a metal craft technique. series is the internal mindscape filtered by her mind and sense. Through her view we can feel the breath of the nature like a still life. There is a space beyond time and place and her warm emotion. It’s like a sentimental mind or revived memory of a hometown after listening to chamber music.
  • Artist's Education: Seoul National University. Seoul, Korea. B.F.A.Indiana University, USA. M.F.A.