English Army Horses - Encampment at Alexandra Palace

B. L. Ingley1902

Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace

These are the horses of the British cavalry regiments from the whole empire gathered in London for the coronation. Some of these four-footed heroes were in service in India, some in the South African war, others perhaps in China; others never left home in the British Isles. Some of them are from American and Canadian farms and ranches. Scores of thousands of good republican and democratic horses have become devoted British subjects. Many of them died for their new masters or with them in the South African war. There are no government breeding farms in England as on the Continent. The system of obtaining remounts for the British army is by open purchase anywhere. It was held by our government, against the complaints of the Boers, that the English had a perfect right to buy horses in the United States without prejudicing our position as neutrals.

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  • Title: English Army Horses - Encampment at Alexandra Palace
  • Creator: B. L. Ingley
  • Date Created: 1902
  • Location: Alexandra Palace, London
  • Subject Keywords: Horse, Army
  • Type: Stereoscopic Photograph