ENIAC Floor Layout / US Center for Military History

Adele Goldstine

National Women’s History Museum

National Women’s History Museum


(Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer)

Report of Work Under Contract No. W-670-ORD-4926
Ordnance Department, United States Army
Washington, D.C.
The University of Pennsylvania
Moore School of Electrical Engineering
Philadelphia, PA
June 1, 1946

Adele Goldstine

Included with the Operating Manual and Parts I and II of the Technical Description are all drawings (see Table 0.3 below) which are required for understanding these reports. The Maintenance Manual assumes access to the complete file of ENIAC drawings.

Part I of the Technical Description is intended for those who wish to have a general understanding of how the ENIAC works, without concerning themselves with the details of the circuits; it assumes no knowledge of electronics or circuit theory. Part II is intended for those who require a detailed understanding of the circuits. Its organization, to a great extent, duplicates that of Part I so as to make cross referencing between the two parts easy.

The ENIAC Operating Manual contains a complete set of instructions for operating the ENIAC. It includes very little explanatory material, and hence assumes familiarity with Part I of the Technical Description of the ENIAC. The ENIAC Maintenance Manual includes description of the various test units and procedures for testing, as well as a list of common and probable sources of trouble. It assumes a complete understanding of the circuits of ENIAC, i.e., a knowledge of both Parts I and II of the Technical Description of the ENIAC.
The ENIAC proper consists of 40 panels arranged in U shape, 3 portable function tables, a card reader, and a card punch (see PX-1-302 ). The term unit of the ENIAC is used to refer to one or more panels and associated devices (such as the portable function tables, for example) containing the equipment for carrying out certain specific related operations.


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  • Title: ENIAC Floor Layout / US Center for Military History
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