Eros and Psyche - allegory of love

Domingos Sequeirac. .1800-1812

Grão Vasco National Museum

Grão Vasco National Museum

This is an allegorical study depicting an angel and a young girl sitting on the wall of a garden. The angel, on the right, naked, with only a green cloak covering her lower abdomen, offers the girl her right leg on which to support her semi-uncovered left leg. The young woman, on the right, is wearing a white dress with a belt and a pink scarf falling from her shoulder over her dress, one end of which she secures with her right hand while her left hand points at the angel. The young woman and the angel have their faces close to one another, with the woman’s left hand pointing to the legs of them both. Next to the angel is a white pot, while, in the background, through the brushstrokes of a huge patch of green, we can glimpse a blue sky with a few clouds. This is an unfinished study in which some pencil lines and undefined areas of colour can be seen, which would correspond to the hands and feet of the represented figures.
It is an allegorical or mythological study that is possibly related to the legendary Greek episode of Psyche and Eros, although there is no knowledge of the final completed work.

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  • Title: Eros and Psyche - allegory of love
  • Creator: Domingos Sequeira
  • Date Created: c. .1800-1812
  • Physical Location: Grâo Vasco Nacional Museum, Viseu, Portugal
  • Physical Dimensions: 127 cm x 86 cm
  • Type: Painting
  • Medium: Oil on canvas