Estonian women’s festive costume

Russian Museum of Ethnography

Russian Museum of Ethnography

The Governorate of Livonia, Moon (Muhu) Island, Mella Village. Late 19th/Early 20th century

The difference between the costume and its figurine depiction:
A käised, a short blouse fastened with a metal fibula, was typical of the Estonian women’s festive costume in the Moon island. The sculpture features a jacket with no ethnic specific signs. A required item in the costume was a belt, which is absent in the figurine. Tanu, a coif, was the typical women’s headwear; the headwear in the figurine is not associated with any particular ethnic group. As a rule, the festive clothing included shin guards and socks, not white stockings, as is in the figurine.

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  • Title: Estonian women’s festive costume
  • Location Created: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Type: Costume
  • Rights: The Russian Museum of Ethnography