Belgium muses on today's EUtopia by producing a new utopian map as a symbolic wake-up call for Europe. Thomas More's Utopia was first published in the Belgian city of Leuven, along with a map of the fictional island in the shape of a human skull. Belgium's design team reconsider these utopian roots in light of the Belgium of 500 years later; Brussels is Europe's capital but, with Brexit, the 50-year dream of a united Europe is fast unravelling. The artist van Innis, whose murals in Maalbeek subway station, just 600m from the EU parliament, were destroyed in this year's terrorist attack, considers this uncertain future in a new map of EUtopia.


  • Title: EUtopia
  • Creator: Designer: Benoît van Innis, Curators: DAMNº magazine: Siegrid Demyttenaere, Walter Bettens
  • Date: 2016/2016
  • Type: Installation
  • Rights: Ed Reeve

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