Evening Landscape. Mozhaisk

Sergey V. Gerasimov (1885–1964)1940

The Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA)

The Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA)
Moscow, Russia

The artist puts paint on canvas in thin layers, achieving an effect of transparency and a special lightness in his painting. Gerasimov convincingly conveys the borderline between day and night. In his "Evening Landscape" the artist manages to capture that transient moment when darkness falls – the moon is in the sky already and the surroundings are beginning to drift into a haze. Objects lose their sharp definition, appearing smoother, and the viewer can almost sense the warmth seeping out of the cooling ground.

Sergey Gerasimov is also known as the creator of epic paintings on historical themes ("The Oath of the Siberian Partisans", "The Partisan's Mother", etc.) and as a wonderful landscape painter, a lyricist at heart, with a sensitive understanding of nature. In his hometown of Mozhaisk the artist created a whole series of landscapes. This picture shows one of his favorite places – the Luzhnetsky monastery. The artist painted these scenes at different times of year, following the monastery’s closure in 1922. The picture is in an impressionist style typical of Sergey Gerasimov’s works.

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  • Title: Evening Landscape. Mozhaisk
  • Creator: Sergey V. Gerasimov (1885–1964)
  • Date Created: 1940
  • Physical Dimensions: 70x89,5 cm
  • Subject Keywords: Landscape, Evening, Moon, Realism, Gerasimov, Impressionism, Korovin, Monastery, Road, Twilight
  • Type: Painting
  • Rights: The Institute of Russian Realist Art
  • Medium: Oil on canvas