Exhibition 'ROSAS XX'



Bruxelles, Belgium

The exhibition ROSAS XX examined the various collaborations Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has entered into with musicians such as Thierry De Mey, Jos van Immerseel and Philippe Herreweghe. The resulting exhibition was not a chronological picture of the twenty-eight dance performances that the choreographer had created over a twenty-year period, but instead focused on the sets, the costumes, the excitement of the premiere, and the international tour: in short, ‘the blood, sweat and tears’. Through the works of contemporary artists like Luc Tuymans and Juan Munoz and modern masters like Alberto Giacometti, Henri Michaux and Auguste Rodin, visitors were inspired to make mental leaps, with regard to both content and art form. Commissioned by the European Concert Hall Organisation (ECHO), De Keersmaeker also made the dance creation Counter Phrases in collaboration with Thierry De Mey. This consisted of ten dance videos in which ten composers – including Steve Reich, Jonathan Harvey and Magnus Lindberg – wrote new music that was performed by the Ictus Ensemble.

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  • Title: Exhibition 'ROSAS XX'
  • Creator: ROSAS
  • Date Created: 2002-10-20/2003-01-05