Exploration Mission-1 map




This map shows the mission trajectory of the first uncrewed, integrated flight test of NASA’s Deep Space Exploration Systems. The Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System rocket will launch from a modernized Kennedy spaceport.

Exploration Mission-1 (EM-1) will be the first integrated test flight of the Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System, lifting off from Launch Complex 39B at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The mission will provide a foundation for human deep space exploration, and demonstrate our commitment and capability to extend human existence to the Moon and beyond.

During this flight, Orion will launch on the most powerful rocket in the world and fly farther than any spacecraft built for humans has ever flown.

It will travel 280,000 miles from Earth, thousands of miles beyond the Moon over the course of about a three-week mission.

Orion will stay in space longer than any ship for astronauts has done without docking to a space station and return home faster and hotter than ever before.

“This is a mission that truly will do what hasn’t been done and learn what isn’t known,” said Mike Sarafin, EM-1 mission manager at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “It will blaze a trail that people will follow on the next Orion flight, pushing the edges of the envelope to prepare for that mission.”

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  • Title: Exploration Mission-1 map
  • Creator: NASA
  • Date Created: 2018-03-16