Fabric with square spaces and embroidery (fish designs)

Chancay Artisans1100 AD - 1450 AD

Amano Pre-Columbian Textile Museum

Amano Pre-Columbian Textile Museum

Chancay mantle woven with one of the emblematic techniques of this society, the openwork technique. This technique is when the warp goes straight and the weft, that goes in pairs, is intertwined and knot each vertical thread in order to made this a stable network in which it is possible to embroider designs of fish under waves.

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  • Title: Fabric with square spaces and embroidery (fish designs)
  • Creator: Chancay Artisans
  • Date Created: 1100 AD - 1450 AD
  • Location: Amano Precolumbian Textile Museum, Lima
  • Location Created: Lauri, Chancay, Lima, Perú
  • Physical Dimensions: Height 1030 mm x Width 950 mm
  • Provenance: Acquired in Lauri
  • Subject Keywords: Reticulate, chancay, chancay, feline, lace
  • Type: Ornamental and protective gauze
  • External Link: Amano Precolumbian Textile Museum
  • Medium: Cotton thread