Fife superstructure from sea shore

Philip Phillips1886/1887

National Library of Scotland

National Library of Scotland
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

"Photograph of the Fife superstructure from sea shore. This view was taken from a spot only approachable two or three times a year, namely, at the lowest spring tides. It serves well to show the progress of the work since the last of its kind. The bearing is about S.E., and the columns in the foreground scale 12 feet to the inch. The view was secured just prior to a lift, a fact clearly indicated by the plates of tubes above lifting platform, which are finally adjusted and ready for riveting. The internal viaduct with one of its main supports on the diagonal bracing is just being commenced. It will be noticed that, whilst the cages on vertical columns are ascending with the lifting platforms, those in the struts are generally at a lower level. This is due to the fact that it was found impossible to finish the riveting therein without hindrance to the surrounding work; they were therefore left behind, and hoisted independently at a later period. At this level lifts were provided both for men and materials, though for some time many of the former preferred to avail themselves of the substantial staircases already alluded to. The introduction of a safety grip adjusted to each lift, however, gave the men additional confidence, and their use quickly became universal." Transcription from: Philip Phillips, 'The Forth Railway Bridge', Edinburgh, 1890.

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