Figures on blue background

Letizia Galli

Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

Starting with an already given reality, the artist distorts it in a surreal sense, without however substantially deforming its basic characteristics. Letizia Galli, of mathematical education, loves to observe and discover the scaffolding of the universe, by painting, for example, organic elements and small animals from borders that either vanish or, on the contrary, become obsessively underlined. In this work, the microscopic nature navigating within a drop of liquid becomes the silent protagonist. On the canvas, the whitish beings move and wander inside a blue ocean, perhaps enclosed within a radius of one millimeter. Thus, each existential fragment is traced back to a kind of cosmic equilibrium that the painter depicts by carefully chiseling the forms, within an experience that interprets both science and the art of vision in a new way.

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  • Title: Figures on blue background
  • Creator: Letizia Galli