Figurine depicting the Tichborne Claimant

Royal Staffordshire PotteryAbout 1893

National Museum of Australia

National Museum of Australia

A polychrome enamelled ceramic figurine of a standing male [Arthur Orton, widely known as the Tichborne Claimant]. He is wearing a cream suit with gold trim on the jacket, a pink waistcoat with a gold fob watch and chain at his waist, a blue bow tie and a black top hat and shoes. He is holding a blue bird in his left hand, and a rifle held by the barrel in his right hand.

On the figurine's base, is the title 'SIR.R.TICHBORNE' in a gold-coloured glaze applied over relief text. Three paper labels are adhered on the underside of the base, and one is at the rear. One is numbered '674', and another is numbered '57'.

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