Two sticks each about two feet long with a spike at the bottom (for spiking on the ground) and split in two lengthwise at the top (holding fish). Made by women by cutting from the "Mulumbaga "tree. This tree is used because its wood lasts a very long time in contact with the heat of the fire, normally it was never sold but given free. Used by women for drying fish over the fire or roasting meat which was kept in the stores.

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  • Title: Fish Drying Sticks
  • Location: Kenya
  • Type: Fish Drying Sticks
  • Rights: National Museums of Kenya
  • Medium: Sticks
  • Photographer: Gibsphotography
  • Local Name: Lumbaga
  • Community: Malakote (Upper Pokomo)
  • Collection Date: 1969-09-17
  • Collected By: Jean Brown