Fish with Human Face

Candido Portinari1942

Projeto Portinari

Projeto Portinari
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Composition in blue tones, black and white. Contour lines and some shaded. Tile panel (disassembled) representing fish - lozenges suggesting inserted into the meshes of a net - distributed symmetrically, each profile to the right, against white and bluish background. The animal is well rounded, has fins on the back and belly, well-defined, as well as on the tail. It has eye round and straight mouth suggesting human face. Five parallel sinuous lines in the vertical and define the scales.

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  • Title: Fish with Human Face
  • Date: 1942
  • Location Created: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Provenance: João Candido Portinari
  • Rights: João Candido Portinari
  • External Link: Projeto Portinari
  • Theme: Nature:Animals:fish
  • Technique: tiles
  • Signature: Unsigned and undated
  • Painter: Candido Portinari
  • Number: FCO 4019
  • Function: Work was executed for an external wall of the Palácio Gustavo Capanema, but was dismounted by order of Minister Gustavo Capanema. The tiles were kept in one of the building’s storage rooms until they were found in 1982. They were then provisionally arranged according to the numbering on the back
  • Catalogue Raisonné: CR-1607