Fixing the price of the wares, late 18th century

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Here the Canton merchant has made his order to the Jingdezhen dealer. The red poster states that ‘Spoken words would be understood as an agreement even the later price may differ from the former one’. It means that the price has been discussed and agreed by both the dealer and the purchaser; there will be no actual receipts as this is based on a verbal agreement. Other staff are seen using traditional Chinese business tools such as the abacus for calculating and steelyard for weighing silver currency.

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  • Title: Fixing the price of the wares, late 18th century
  • Location Created: Canton
  • Physical Dimensions: 19 x 20 cm
  • Original Language: Chinese
  • Provenance: Gift of Susan Chen Hardy
  • Transcript: 定貨 Two seals「檢」「尚」
  • Type: Painting
  • Rights: ©Hong Kong Maritime Museum
  • Medium: Watercolour on paper
  • physical format: Album leaf framed
  • object id: HKMM2012.0101.0020
  • artifact type: Watercolour on paper