Alfredo Volpi1970

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Volpi began his career very young in Brazil painting friezes, florals and residential panels. It was only in the 1940's - when he came into contact with the landscape and with colonial art in the state of Sao Paulo - that popular and religious themes became a source for his production that would eventually give rise to the currently most famous portion of his work. Gradually, his canvases underwent a reduction of the elements portrayed, from the geometrization of its forms to the organization of the painting in a "flat plane" that distorts the perspective. However, it is still possible to identify the scene's components, such as houses and streets. The works presented in this exhibition depict June Festival masts and flags, in which the variation of positioning, as well as the use of colors, shapes and intervals define a rhythm and become autonomous compositional elements.

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  • Title: Flags
  • Creator: Alfredo Volpi
  • Date: 1896/1988
  • Date Created: 1970
  • Location: Lucca, Italy
  • Physical Dimensions: 32 x 48 cm
  • Medium: tempera on canvas