Flat woman's purse


Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares de Sevilla

Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares de Sevilla

Flat purse made with ivory silk taffeta with decoration embroidered with chain stitching using polychrome silks in green, pink, blue white, black, yellow, purple and brown.

The decoration on the front is of stems with naturalistic flowers, such as roses, bellflowers and violets running perpendicularly and seperated from each other by rectangular motifs. The front shows a garden scene with pergolas in which a musical monkey in oriental clothes is playing a kind of xylophone in front of sheet music. A braid with golden film runs along the outside edge.

The purse is rectangular with a flap finished in three waves, of which the one in the centre is more pronounced. On the sides, extending flaps give a wider opening; like the lining, they are made in salmon-coloured silk taffeta. The inside is divided into two compartments.

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  • Title: Flat woman's purse
  • Date Created: 1751/1799
  • Physical Dimensions: 9,2 x 15 cm
  • Type: Women's hand accessory: document holder
  • Medium: Hand-sewn, embroidered with chain stitching