Flindersichthys denmaedi Longman, 1932

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum


  • Title: Flindersichthys denmaedi Longman, 1932
  • State province: Queensland
  • Specific epithet: denmaedi
  • Scientific name authorship: Longman, 1932
  • Order: Elopiformes
  • Member: Toolebuc Member
  • Locality: Original found in creek on branch of Flinders River, Boree Park (River Paddock), near Richmond, Quee
  • Latest period or highest system: Cretaceous
  • Latest era or highest erathem: Mesozoic
  • Latest epoch or Highest series: Early Cretaceous
  • Latest eon or highest eonothem: Phanerozoic
  • Latest age or Highest age: Albian
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Higher geography: Australia; Australia; Queensland; Stewart Creek
  • Higher classification: Animalia; Actinopterygii; Elopiformes
  • Genus: Flindersichthys
  • Formation: Rolling Downs Formation
  • Earliest period or lowest system: Cretaceous
  • Earliest era or lowest erathem: Mesozoic
  • Earliest epoch or lowest series: Early Cretaceous
  • Earliest eon or Lowest eonothem: Phanerozoic
  • Earliest age or Lowestst age: Albian
  • Country: Australia
  • Continent: Australia
  • Class: Actinopterygii