Floating Motorbike、 Explode in Sky、I don't follow the rules

Chen Wan-Ling、Huang Chien-Hua2008

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

A rapid transit system or subway in a city represents its modernization, and the architectures and facilities also show the standard of living for its people and the country’s technological advancements. There are more than one hundred subway systems in the world today, and this particular station was officially launched in December of 1999 in conjunction with the NangKang Line’s City Hall and Hsimen Stations to Ban-Qiao Line’s Hsimen and Lungshan Temple Stations. Stockholm, Sweden was the first to put installation arts in its subway stations, and the contents of the works were related to its surroundings. In this year’s Very Fun Park, artists will use images to depict a visual game consisting of works that are related to modes of transportation and urban living. The intention is to bring out the trend-setting fashionable sense of the East District.

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  • Title: Floating Motorbike、 Explode in Sky、I don't follow the rules
  • Creator: Chen Wan-Ling、Huang Chien-Hua
  • Date: 2008
  • Medium: Print-out
  • Location: Zhong-Xiao Dun Hua MRT Station B3 Level