Flowers of Edo, Famous Views: Number Ten, Shitaya


Reading Public Museum

Reading Public Museum

This three section sheet is a standard ukiyo-e design known as the harimaze, meaning a single print comprised of two or more distinct images. Kunisada and several collaborators were partial to this design type and used landscapes and actor portraits juxtaposed in these multi-part compositions. The actor depicted in the lower two vignettes of this work has been identified as Nakamura Utaemon IV (1798-1852), the fourth generation of a prominent family of kabuki actors. He was known as an extremely versatile player who was also a talented dancer and who could brilliantly perform the entire spectrum of male and female (onnagata) roles.

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  • Title: Flowers of Edo, Famous Views: Number Ten, Shitaya
  • Creator: Utagawa Kunisada “Toyokuni III”
  • Date Created: 1863
  • Physical Dimensions: 13.5"h x 9.25"w
  • Type: work on paper
  • Medium: woodblock print
  • Culture: Japanese
  • Credit Line: Museum Purchase
  • Creator Death Date: 1865
  • Creator Birth Date: 1786