Flyer, Women's Exhibition and Sale of Work

Barber, George and Women's Social and Political Union1909

Museum of London

Museum of London

Printed handbill promoting The Women's Exhibition held at the Prince's Skating Rink, Knightsbridge between 13-26 May 1909. The handbill printed in the WSPU green and purple colour scheme includes the trumpeting angel logo designed by Sylvia Pankhurst for the exhibition together with details of admission charges. Organised by the Women's Social and Political Union this highly successful promotional and marketing event raised considerable funds for the Votes for Women campaign. As noted on the flyer one of the key features of the exhibition was Sylvia Pankhurst's symbolic mural decoration that covered the walls of the hall as well as a reconstruction of a Holloway prison cell and a programme of entertainment performed by members of the Actresses's Franchise League.

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