Flying Dragon of Nakseong

UnknownLate period of Joseon

Academy of Korean Studies

Academy of Korean Studies

A classical novel of Ming dynasty telling Gyeongmo Lee’s heroic life. It shows the typical Korean court style of writing. The story is as follows. In the year of Zhengtong of Ming (1436-1449), Juhyeon Lee’s son Gyeongmo lost his parents early in life, wandered around and gained a favor of a retired minister Seungsang Yang and became his son in law. However, after Seungsang passed away, he was treated coldly. So he went to the Cheongun temple, studied there, passed an exam, suppressed a revolt of Beonwang, became the prince of Pyeongwon and finally met with his wife again.

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  • Title: Flying Dragon of Nakseong
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date: Late period of Joseon
  • location: Jangseogak, Academy of Korean Studies, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Rep. Korea
  • composition: 2 books
  • Physical Dimensions: w21.4 x h30 cm
  • Original Title: Nakseong biryong (낙셩비룡, [洛城飛龍])
  • Korean caption: 명(明) 이경모의 영웅적 일대기를 다룬 고전소설. 한글 궁체(宮體)의 전형을 보여준다. 줄거리는 다음과 같다. 명 정통(正統, 1436~1449) 연간에 이주현의 아들 경모가 조실부모하고 떠돌다가 퇴임한 재상 양승상(梁丞相)의 지우(知遇)를 얻어 사위가 되었다. 그러나 승상이 죽은 뒤 박대를 받다가 청운사에 들어가 학업을 닦아 장원 급제를 한 다음 번왕(蕃王)의 모반을 평정한 뒤 평원왕이 되어 양승상 딸과 해후한다는 내용이다.
  • Provenance: Academy of Korean Studies
  • Type: Manuscript
  • Rights: Academy of Korean Studies

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