Flying Toward Dreams

Choi Mun-seok2012

Gyeonggi Children's Museum

Gyeonggi Children's Museum

Wings with life energy flying toward dreams
In the artwork <flying toward dreams>, the artist attempts to infuse new life into inorganic mechanical components. The elements are interconnected and affected by each other within the artwork, and move according to a regular order and rhythm. Through this process, they form an organic world where machine and nature resemble each other.
In addition, the wings in the artwork move rapidly and then slowly, each by itself and then together, creating beautiful movements. The wings are not complete, and exist only in half form, but as they are reflected in the mirror, they become complete. Through this artwork, the artist delivers a message which tells us that if we have hope, we will be able to spread one whole wing toward our dream. Visitors can send out their wishes and aspirations for their dream along the wing.

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  • Title: Flying Toward Dreams
  • Creator: Choi Mun-seok
  • Date: 2012
  • Location: Museum Lobby
  • Medium: Aluminum, Acrylic Mirror, Motor and other