Forked Rake for Lugworms

unknownRepublic of Korea/Since the Liberation of Korea

National Folk Museum of Korea

National Folk Museum of Korea
Seoul, South Korea

This is a fishing tool used to catch lugworms. The basic structure of the rake consisted of a steel body lodged into a wooden handle. The overall design resembles a reversed “L” shape, due to the handle and the bent steel body. A three-toothed body is the typical form, yet there were also two- or four-toothed versions. This tool was necessary for catching lugworms, since lugworms live in a mud flat or sand, and other tools with wide blades such as a shovel, hoe, or pick could accidentally cut through a lugworm’s body while digging the mud. Unlike other types of forked rakes used in farming, the forked rake for catching lugworms is characterized by a comparatively narrow gap between the teeth, and a short handle, which makes it easy to hold in one hand.

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  • Title: Forked Rake for Lugworms
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date Created: Republic of Korea/Since the Liberation of Korea
  • Location: 한국
  • Physical Dimensions: Length 28
  • Type: Industry/Livelihood/Fishery/Fishery
  • Medium: Metal/Steel