From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

Marco Campardo and Lorenzo Mason2016/2016

London Design Biennale

London Design Biennale

London, UK. With growing anxieties about our futures it has become more relevant than ever to assert
the value of work as one of the primary rights of the humankind. Through their work
men and women are able to express their creativity and their true selves, transforming
the world that surrounds them through ideas and projects, thus making it more honest
and humane. For these reasons, we are returning to Karl Marx’s famous slogan “From
each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” first expressed in his
Critique of the Gotha program, first published in 1875.
More relevant today than ever, Marx’s writing is proposed here as a call to dialogue
between all the different fractions of society, a call for more equal distribution of power
and possibilities, that seems the only way a sustainable future can be shaped in the years
to come. Written on a plain white flag, the slogan is at the same time humble and direct,
serving not so much as a call to arms or a revolution, but more as an open invitation
to collaboration, sharing and dialogue. This message is further reinforced by the material
structure of the flag, sustained by colourful pillars that shape a fragile and yet striking
installation. The visual intricacy and mix of colours further symbolize the multicultural,
eclectic nature of today’s society. Placed in the proximity of two benches made with the
same structural system, the installation structures a sort of anagora, a meeting place,
dedicated to democracy and open dialogue.

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  • Title: From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs
  • Creator: Marco Campardo and Lorenzo Mason
  • Date: 2016/2016
  • Type: Installation
  • Rights: Maria Pina Poledda
  • Medium: Flag and object

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