From the series A Memoir by Vishal Mehta

Delhi Photo Festival 2013

Delhi Photo Festival

Delhi Photo Festival

From the series A Memoir
by Vishal Mehta

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  • Title: From the series A Memoir by Vishal Mehta
  • Creator: Delhi Photo Festival 2013
  • Rights: © Vishal Mehta All rights reserved. May not be copied without prior written consent.
  • Photographer: Vishal Mehta
  • About the series: A Memoir: About a year ago, Vishal found his mother’s vanity box, which contained hairclips along with some of her other belongings. The process of photographing her hairclips made him feel her lost presence in his life. These photographs are his requiescat for her.
  • About the Photographer: Vishal Mehta, b.1977, India, is a travel and documentary photographer from Ahmedabad, India. He has photographed the dynamics of life, space and landscapes along the river Ganga and Brahmaputra. A Memoir has been a different experience for him- from being a travel photographer, he has explored the medium of studio setup.