From the series The Animals by Giacomo Brunelli

Delhi Photo Festival 2013

Delhi Photo Festival

Delhi Photo Festival

From the series The Animals
by Giacomo Brunelli

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  • Title: From the series The Animals by Giacomo Brunelli
  • Creator: Delhi Photo Festival 2013
  • Rights: © Giacomo Brunelli All rights reserved. May not be copied without prior written consent.
  • Photographer's site: www.giacomobrunelli.com
  • Photographer: Giacomo Brunelli
  • About the series: The Animals: The animals that he photographs are found in backyards, small villages, fields and farms, which is why he calls his working style “animal-focused street photography”. Giacomo tends to push his camera lens to its closest point of focus, forcing a fight or flight reaction out of the animal. This natural, spontaneous reaction is what he tries to capture.
  • About the Photographer: Giacomo Brunelli, b 1977, Italy, has had his series on animals exhibited world-wide in The Phographers’ Gallery (London), Galerie Camera Obscura (Paris), and Robert Morat Galerie (Hamburg), to name a few. In 2012, he was commissioned by The Photographers’ Gallery to do a project on London that will be on display in March 2014.


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