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Shocking' perfume bottle and packaging Front View

Elsa Schiaparelli per House of Schiaparelli



Elsa Schiaparelli “Shocking” (A) perfume bottle with (B) glass domed case and (C) pink cardboard box.

(A) Bottle of clear glass shaped as a dressmaker's form, empty; round stopper of glass at top; white, clear, blue, and burgundy red glass flowers and green glass leaves on paper-wrapped wire stems encircle stopper; gold-tone metallic thread wraps around neck and stem; blue ribbon with "Schiaparelli" woven in white draped over shoulders overlapping at center of chest; round medallion with red "S" adhered to ribbon; "SCHIAPARELLI\ BOTTLE" molded into bottom.

(B) Glass domed case with shallow cardboard base; "Schiaparelli" lace adhered around base of glass dome.
(C) Pink cardboard box with hinged top; "PARFUM\ Shocking\ de\ Schiaparelli" printed across top; "Schiaparelli" lace adhered around bottom of box sides.
Label: "PARFUM\ Shocking\ de\ Schiaparelli"
Date: 1937

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  • Titolo: Shocking' perfume bottle and packaging Front View
  • Creatore: Elsa Schiaparelli
  • Casa di moda: Schiaparelli
  • Data di creazione: 1937
  • Luogo di creazione: Paris, France
  • Dimensioni reali: H: 4 1/4"
  • Provenienza: Gift of Annette Green Museum at the Fragrance Foundation
  • Tipo: Perfume bottle
  • Fotografo: Brian Sanderson
  • Diritti: © FIDM Museum & Library, Inc. Image made available for limited non-commercial, educational, and personal use only, or for fair use as defined in the United States copyright laws. Users must cite the author and source of the image as they would material from any printed work, and the citations should include the URL “”. For publication or press requests, visit or email
  • Materiale: Glass, celluloid and cardboard
  • Object ID: F2005.860.820A-C
  • Bibliographic References: Kevin L. Jones and Christina M Johnson. FABULOUS! Ten Years of FIDM Museum Acquisitions, 2000-2010. Los Angeles: FIDM Museum Publications, 2010.

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