The monumental, large-format work Futuroid by Anna Wysocka consists of four horizontal panels forming one coherent whole with the base made of fibreboard coated with black paint. On this grounding, the elements of rusty sheet metal were mounted, forming an abstract form, which simultaneously refers to the symbolic images of the sun. In the central part it takes a shape similar to a circular sector, from which slender branches with spiky endings radially emerge. Some of them extend beyond the side and the top frames of the pictorial field, causing the composition to open into and “enter” the external space. The specifics of the material used by the artist – a corroded metal – connotes the recycled materials or the residues rejected after production processes. One can see here the numerous abrasions, mergers or cavities, and in some places also a specific texture achieved during the welding process. [N. Cieślak]

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