Gaja Gauri

Ravi Varma Press, Karla LonavalaCirca 1910

The Ganesh Shivaswamy Foundation

The Ganesh Shivaswamy Foundation
Bengaluru, India

GAJA GAURI OR GAJA LAKSHMI: This is an ancient representation where Lakshmi is described as seated in padmasana (on a lotus or lotus posture) with the four arms. In two of her arms, she carries lotuses while the other two are in the gestures of abhaya (protection) and varada (boon bestowal). On either side, she is attended to by elephants which pour water from kumbhas (pots) held in their trunks. While the elephants are symbolic of power and strength, pots have always symbolized fertility. The water represents the shower of fertility emanating there-from.

In this print by the Ravi Varma Press derived from a painting by Raja Ravi Varma, the representation adheres to the strict iconographic description and places Gaja Lakshmi in a grand palatial setting.

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  • Title: Gaja Gauri
  • Creator: Ravi Varma Press, Karla Lonavala
  • Date Created: Circa 1910
  • Physical Dimensions: 35x50 cms
  • Provenance: The Hemamalini and Ganesh Shivaswamy collection, Bengaluru.
  • Subject Keywords: Raja Ravi Varma, Hinduism, Raja Ravi Varma
  • Rights: The Ganesh Shivaswamy Foundation, Bengaluru