Gallery of research vessels

Ozeaneum, Foundation German Oceanographic Museum

Ozeaneum, Foundation German Oceanographic Museum

Small models of the big giants

Before the Exploration and Exploitation of the Seas exhibit opened at the OZEANEUM on July 11, the four largest German research vessels greeted visitors, immediately getting them on board with scientific marine research.

Along with well-trained scientists, effective marine research relies on a fleet of powerful research vessels. These are vessels that have been specially constructed or converted for research use. They have sophisticated technology and even enable the use of submersibles and diving robots.
The models of the POLARSTERN, SONNE, METEOR and MARIA S. MERIAN were produced at a scale of 1:50 to the original building plans.

The POLARSTERN is Germany's only research icebreaker and at a length of 118 meters is the largest of the German research vessels. The ship has space for a total of 50 people on board for expeditions in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica and in the Arctic Ocean. The MARIA S. MERIAN is equipped for operation in the polar sea.

Slightly smaller than the POLARSTERN, the METEOR and SONNE can accommodate 28 and 25 scientists, respectively. Both ships are incredibly versatile. The SONNE operates mainly in the Pacific region, while the METEOR is responsible for the Atlantic Ocean and its adjacent waters.

Visitors can use the touch screen to follow the current routes of research vessels through satellite images.

The shipping companies RF Forschungsschifffahrt GmbH Bremen, Briese Schifffahrts GmbH & Co. KG and Reederei Laeisz GmbH Rostock made the building of these models possible.

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  • Title: Gallery of research vessels
  • Location: Ozeaneum Stralsund, Stiftung Deutsches Meeresmuseum
  • Rights: photo: Johannes-Maria Schlorke