Gallery views of the Buddhist Art exhibition

National Museum - New Delhi

National Museum - New Delhi
New Delhi , India

The National Museum, in collaboration with Indian Museum, Kolkata is opening an exquisite exhibition called the Buddhist Art of India which is showcasing masterpieces of Buddhist Art from different parts of India.

The exhibition wasopen to public from 30th October, 2015 till 10th December, 2015. After a huge success at Shanghai Museum, Tokyo National Museum and Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore, this landmark exhibition on Indian Buddhist Art is being held here at National Museum, New Delhi.

Buddhism has its roots in the Indian subcontinent and Indian Buddhist art is known for its rich and diverse form of sculpture, paintings, and symbols. From its homeland of India, Buddhist art travelled to other parts of Asia and the world, adapting to local styles in each new culture.

The masterpieces on show in this exhibition provide a glimpse into the inspiring life story of the Great Buddha and the development of Buddhist art. The exhibition showcased 91 objects including sculptures, manuscripts and ritual objects related to the life of Buddha and Buddhism. This exhibition, with exclusive objects from the collection of Indian Museum, invited visitors to see three sections based on the different stages of development of Buddhism. Initiating with the life of the Buddha, the story further proceeds to the formation of doctrine and its development through the ages and finally the expansion by crossing the geographical boundary.

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  • Title: Gallery views of the Buddhist Art exhibition

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