Game:Hydro Strike! "Win or Get Wet"


The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play
Rochester , United States

As of 2010, Eddy Goldfarb has worked in the toy industry as an inventor for nearly 60 years. He claims that he may have been the first independent toy inventor at a time when most worked for firms. His most notable contribution, introduced in 1949, is the inimitable "Yakkity-Yak Talking Teeth," with tens of millions sold since then. But he continued to surprise and engage young and old alike with novel playthings ever since. In recent years he is joined by his son Martin, forming Eddy and Martin Goldfarb Associates, LLC. Eddy holds over 300 toy patents; examples of his creations include Battling Tops, Kerplunk!, and Busy Biddy--the chicken that lays eggs.

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  • Title: Game:Hydro Strike! "Win or Get Wet"
  • Creator: Pressman
  • Date Created: 2010
  • Subject Keywords: water
  • Type: More Games
  • Medium: plastic
  • Object ID: 111.363
  • Designer: Eddy and Martin Goldfarb Associates
  • Credit Line: Gift of Eddy & Martin Goldfarb and Associates, LLC