Geese - Turkeys

Hirafuku Hyakusui1914

Iwami Art Museum

Iwami Art Museum
Masuda-shi, Japan

These works, that utilize the bleeding of ink and the dripping techniques demonstrate the results of Hyakusui studies into the work of TAWARAYA Sotatsu. The author NATSUME Soseki praised the painting of a turkey that Hyakusui entered in to the eighth Bunten (Ministry of Education Art Exhibition) in 1914 and we can see from this that Hyakusui used the dripping technique during the Taisho period (1912-26) to produce many pictures of animals. In this work, the interesting shapes of the turkeys combine beautifully with characteristics of the technique used. We can also feel Hyakusui’s sense of humor in the pose of the sleeping ducks that are lined up on the water’s edge. HIRAFUKU Hyakusui was born in Akita Prefecture and studied under his father, Suian, an artist belonging to the Shijo School, as well as under KAWABATA Gyokusho. He went on to study at the Tokyo Fine Arts School, exhibiting in the Bunten (Ministry of Education Art Exhibition) and Teiten (Imperial Art Exhibition) while also taking part in the Museikai and Kinreisha groups, forever pushing the limits of Japanese-style painting. As a poet, he took part in a poetry circle led by MORI Ogai and sometimes made sketches of the other participants. One of these sketches shows Ogai relaxing with his daughter, Mari, and from this we can glimpse something of the close relationship the two men shared. Hyakusui also worked on the cover design of Ogai’s books while Ogai wrote and afterword in Hyakusui’s album, showing the creative exchange that took place between the two men.

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  • Title: Geese - Turkeys
  • Creator: HIRAFUKU Hyakusui
  • Date: 1914
  • Physical Dimensions: w59 x h124.8 cm each
  • Type: Color on paper, pair of hanging scrolls

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