Gemini 2 Mod. 133P on-board computer


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This computer originated from the GEMINI 2 mission; it featured in an unmanned space flight on 19.01.1965.
The Mercury and GEMINI space programmes laid the groundwork for the moon landing. From 1963 onwards, the GEMINI missions tested orbital coupling manoeuvres necessary to achieve rendezvous and docking. Safe, accurate manoeuvring was only possible with the aid of a computer.
IBM’s commission to develop the on-board computer was worth $26.6 million.
It was the first computer to have a magnetic core memory so that data was not destroyed when read out. It was also IBM’s first computer to be fully transistorised. The computer proved reliable in operation. Photo: Jan Braun, HNF

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  • Title: Gemini 2 Mod. 133P on-board computer
  • Creator: IBM
  • Date created: 1964