In David and Gemini the illusionary figures are strikingly similar and nondescript. They appear as idealized depictions of the male figure but not specific to any male in particular. This effect allows the work to be open to interpretation. The artist isn’t trying to convey a specific meaning, but his titles are suggestive of biblical and astrological subjects. David may be a reference to the hero who slayed Goliath and whose idealized figure has been immortalized in stone by many artists including Donatello, Bernini and perhaps most famously, Michelangelo. Also, Gemini with its two identical figures, is likely a reference to the constellation of the same name, which fittingly means twins in Latin.

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  • Title: Gemini
  • Creator: Greg Payce
  • Date Created: 2006
  • Physical Dimensions: 58 x 70 x 27.5 cm
  • Rights: Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts
  • Medium: ceramics