Geometric Knife Drawing 08-02-10

Byung Wang Cho2010

Korean Art Museum Association

Korean Art Museum Association


  • Title: Geometric Knife Drawing 08-02-10
  • Creator: Cho, Byung Wang
  • Date Created: 2010
  • Physical Dimensions: w490 x h980 cm
  • Type: Knife Drawing
  • Medium: Scratch on polyester-based super glossy color paper, knife & ruler, enamel, UV varnish, Saitec
  • Critic's Note: Geometric-knife Drawing series The artist is involved in geometric drawings that extend the methodology of digital print and the subtleties in digitally produced color and texture to new levels by human touch. These drawings are made of thousands of straight lines scratched directly on photographs with a knife and ruler. In order to create these drawings, the surface material is removed and discovered, rather than accumulated. These "knifing" drawings dismantle the traditional boundaries between drawing, sculpture, and photography. They were created through knifing actions, in which the body's relationship to material (photograph) is explored through a knife and ruler. An exploration of the invisible structural characteristics, which are under the surface of photographs, is a major theme. The drawings overturn traditional definitions of photography, separating the scratched lines from the conventional photographic surface (exposure) to construct new readings of narrative and space. The methodology with which this is achieved can be described as follows: "I tear off the photograph’s surface very carefully with the tip of a knife following a ruler and create a very thin horizontal line, much like the lines of a print. I use abstract photographs and erase instantaneously recognizable images by enlargement and throwing them out of focus. Much like laser eye surgery, I control the angle of a knife and depth of digging and vary the intervals between the lines through the weakening and hardening of scratching. " Digital printing has had a great impact on the artist's visual art practice as a motif. Especially, the methodology and its linear subtlety have dramatically widened the dimensions of his experimental expression about drawing, adding new methods of production, dissemination, interaction, and response, and extending the boundaries of his work. Cho's work attempts to critique the social aspects of electronic culture as well as to expand the creative possibilities for traditional subjects and forms. However it will explore the digital age not as something external to us, residing solely in technological objects or in a kind of 'techno' style, but rather as a constellation of physical, emotional, and cognitive phenomena which have transformed aspects of human experience.
  • Artist's Education: Pratt Institute, NY, USA. M.F.A., Painting.Seoul National University. Korea. B.F.A., Painting.