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Geomungo Factory will transport you back to the literati's elegant music salon in the past in one moment and then dazzle you with an avant-garde multi-media theatrical performance in the next. Geomungo Factory plays a bold, exciting, contemporary, and global music inspired by the centuries-old traditions of Korea’s most noble instrument.Biography
Geomungo Factory first came together in 2007 when a group of young college students began meeting to share their stories and music with each other. Their enthusiasm centered on their choice of instrument, the Geomungo, a six string Korean zither. Their passion for traditional Korean music soon has had leaded them onto a path of exploration with a clear sense of mission: to present the fascinating sound of the Geomungo to global audience. As the group’s name implies, Geomungo Factory is ready to give their fans a totally immersive Geomungo experience, with music ranging from the traditional to the contemporary.
Geomungo Factory invites their listeners to join them on a journey of discovery and savor the charms of traditional Korean music, letting them to experience for themselves its unique spiritual and meditative essence. This desire has found creative expression in a variety of settings and styles, from classical demonstrations to experimental fusions of East and West, Ancient and Modern. The music of Geomungo Factory preserves the aesthetic beauty of Korean music, while reshaping and transforming it into exciting new forms.Player
Geomungo : Yu Mi-Young, Lee Jeong-Seok, Jeong Ein-Ryoung
Gayageum : Kim Suna

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  • Title: Geomungo Factory | Movement on Silence
  • Creator: Into the light

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