Giant Water Lily

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Babies are often photographed on the leaf of the giant water lily Victoria amazonica in the Hortus Botanicus. In the Natuurtheater glasshouse, you can walk under the 2.5 metre leaf. Looking up, you can see that the web-like structure of veins carries water packed with minerals to each corner of the leaf. Notches in the leaf help drain away rainwater. If the water stayed on the surface, the leaf would rot or sink.

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  • Title: Giant Water Lily
  • Location: Brazil, Colombia, Guyana and Peru.
  • Rights: Photo's by Sabine Verdoorn / Naturalis Biodiversity Center / CC-BY 4.0
  • Wetenschappelijke naam: Victoria amazonica
  • Registratienummer : U 0183288
  • Meer informatie: http://www.naturalis.nl/en/museum/top-pieces/victoria-lily/
  • Lengte: Diameter blade: to 3 m. Edge 4-10 cm high. Stem: 7-8 m long
  • Klasse: Flowering plant
  • Eetgewoontes: Minerals from water such as calcium and magnesium