Girl from the Island

Petar Pallavicini1931

Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik

Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Petar Pallavicini (Korčula, 1887 – Dubrovnik, 1958) was also schooled in Bohemia in the Crafts’ School in Horiče and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. His oeuvre is of varying quality; his characteristic sculptures are primarily slender, youthful nudes with closed forms and emphatic lyrical components.
The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik keeps one of his best works, the sculpture Girl from the Island of 1931, for which he won an international sculpting prize at a show in Paris in 1937.


  • Title: Girl from the Island
  • Creator: Petar Pallavicini
  • Date Created: 1931


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