Girl with a Book

Halina Bobaryko–ModelskaBefore 1940

Lithuanian Art Centre TARTLE

Lithuanian Art Centre TARTLE
Vilnius, Lithuania

A girl is sitting on a low bench with a ball and a picture book, two objects that help to develop the body and the mind of the child. However, there is very little symbolism in this particular case. The round shape of the ball just softens the angular composition, providing a counterbalance to the sharp lines of the bench and the girl’s limbs and hairstyle, while the book gives a reason for the girl’s posture and helps to balance the colours. This picture is an excellent example of the style of painting at Stephen Batory University, or rather of Ludomir Sleńdziński, showing the peaceful coexistence of Art Deco and Neo-Classical principles in student work. Along with the fashion in art in Vilnius in the 1940s, this domestic genre work also shows fashions among urban residents of the period. Text author Giedrė Jankevičiūtė.

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  • Title: Girl with a Book
  • Creator: Halina Bobaryko–Modelska
  • Date Created: Before 1940
  • Physical Dimensions: 67,5cm x 48cm
  • Type: Painting
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas