Giuseppe Perale’s ornithological collection

Museum of Natural History of Venice

Museum of Natural History of Venice

A collection made of 461 naturalized bird specimens. It was acquired by the Museum in 1998 thanks to the donation made by Antonio Perale, the son of Giuseppe, with further additions later on. The specimens come especially from the Lagoon of Venice and the Venetian hinterland, largely as a result of hunts, and most of them date back to the decade 1930-40. The collection appears in direct continuity with the oldest bird series (i.e. those of N. Contarini, G. Bisacco-Palazzi, A.P and E. Ninni) of the Museum, which therefore gathers an extended sampling of the Venetian avifauna, from early nineteenth century to present day, documenting the changes of bird presences in the Venetian territory over time.

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  • Title: Giuseppe Perale’s ornithological collection
  • Rights: Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia Photo by Barbara Favaretto - MSNVE
  • Origin: mainly province of Venice
  • Date: 1912-1973
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